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HaJoMaJe carries the best in games (board games, dice games, card games), comic books, graphic novels, anime & manga, role-playing games & books, toys & action figures, and much more! Our walls and shelves are packed with enough entertainment to last many lifetimes, but our store is also clean, organized, and easy to shop in. Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and glad to answer your questions. When you support HaJoMaJe you support our efforts to grow the local gaming community.

HaJoMaJe is a premier gathering place to meet like-minded gaming enthusiasts and to have fun competing in a unique family-friendly environment. Not only do we attract many top players to our tournaments, but we also host frequent casual events that are beginner friendly. Our staff are enthused to mentor new players and facilitate a challenging but fun environment for those of all skill levels.

Journey into Nyx Prerelease

Preregister for a chance to win a MtG mana symbol t-shirt! (Several will be given away!)

Entry Fee: $23
Discounts if you enter multiple events: $22 for your 2nd, $21 for the 3rd, $20 for the 4th, $19 - 5th, $18 - 6th

April 26 (12:01am) - sealed deck tournament
April 26 (begins when midnight tourney ends) - 2HG sealed deck tournament
April 26 (10:00am) - sealed deck tournament
April 26 (4:00pm) - sealed deck tournament
April 27 (12noon) - sealed deck tournament
April 27 (4pm) - sealed deck tournament

See store for more details or call 801-544-2899

Also available (all weekend): Open Dueling!
Open Dueling players each receive:
One Intro Pack (60 card deck + 2 booster packs)

Born of the Gods Game Day

Mar 1st & 2nd, 2013

1st Tournament (3/1) 1pm
2nd Tournament (3/2) 1pm

Format: Standard Constructed
Entry: $10
Swiss style tournament followed by a top 4 or top 8 playoff.

Guaranteed prizes:
1st Place wins a BotG Champion Playmat!
Top 8 players each receive an exclusive Pain Seer full-art foil promo card!
All participants receive an exclusive Kiora's Follower full-art promo card!
Booster pack prizes for all participants!

Born of the Gods Prerelease

Come and get your hands on the new set a week before it releases!

All events are sealed deck tournaments. Each player receives a kit to use for building their deck.
Entry Fee is $25 for each event.
Lots of prize packs! Every participant receives at least one prize pack AND a free deck box!!!

Feb 1st (12:01am) - Prerelease Tournament 1
Feb 1st  (10:00am) - Prerelease Tournament 2
Feb 1st  (4:00pm) - Prerelease Tournament 3
Feb 2nd (12noon) - Prerelease Tournament 4

Also available: Open Dueling!
Open Dueling players each receive:
One Intro Pack (60 card deck + 2 booster packs)

Upcoming HeroClix Events

Dec 14th - Team Event

Come to this super fun team event where you and your teammate will battle together to defeat your opponents! Teams will be made up of one experience player and one beginner player. Bring a teammate with you, or team up with one at the event.
Format: Constructed 300pt squad, Golden Age (No Resources)
Entry: FREE
Time: Double header, 1st at 10am & 2nd at 4pm
Prizes: Convention LE for 1 random participant! LE figures/items for everyone else!

Dec 28th - Year End Bash

Do you love HeroClix? Want a chance to win a colossal figure? Then be here for the year end bash!

Format: Constructed 500pt squad, Modern Age
Entry: $10
Time: Double header, 1st at 11am & 2nd at 4pm

January - AvX Storyline Events Begin!!!

6th Annual Holiday Sale

Why wait for Black Friday? Get great deals right now!!!

Specials (Going on now!):
MTG Duel Decks... Only 13.99! (Reg price $20)
Board Games & Card Games... Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF!
MTG Intro Packs... Only 8.99! (Reg price $15)
All Walking Dead Toys... Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF!
Comic Book Back-Issues... Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!
Gaming Playmats... Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF!

Black Friday Doorbusters:

---9am to Noon
Doctor Who Mini Figs... 3 for $10! Mix & Match!
MTG Event Decks... Only $15!
HeroClix Single Boosters... 5 for $10! Mix & Match!
HeroClix 5-Figure Boosters... $9 each!

---Noon to 3pm
CCG & TCG Booster Packs... 4 for $10! Mix & Match! (MTG, YuGiOh!, Cardfight Vanguard, WoW TCG, Pokemon, L5R)
Pathfinder Battles Boosters... 2 for $20! Mix & Match!
MTG Holiday Gift Box... Only 14.99!

Plus: Fun Freebies - All Day Long! 

*While supplies last. Sale ends Black Friday. See store for details.

HeroClix 'Race to Mount Doom' Event Series

Announcing the HeroClix 2013 Summer Event:

This Lord of the Rings themed series will throw you into the fray as you join forces with your allies in the struggle for Middle Earth. Each week the battling will move from location to location. Do you have the mettle to endure the journey to Mount Doom and claim victory?

DATE: Every Thursday Night
TIME: 5pm to 9pm
FORMAT: Sealed Single Figure Team Battles
ENTRY: $25 for entire series or $5 + weekly single fig booster purchase

Prizes awarded each week!
Prizes for the top finishers at the conclusion of the series!

M14 Prerelease

Come and get your hands on the new core set a week before it releases!

All events are sealed deck tournaments. Each player receives six Magic 2014 Core Set booster packs to use for building a deck.

July 13th (12:01am) - Prerelease Tournament 1
July 13th (10:00am) - Prerelease Tournament 2
July 13th (4:00pm) - Prerelease Tournament 3
July 14th (12noon) - Prerelease Tournament 4

Every participant is guaranteed at least one prize pack!
You will also receive an exclusive promo card - Megantic Sliver
Top 6 players at each event will receive one Modern Masters booster pack!

Entry Fee is $30

Also available: Open Dueling! ($15 Entry)
Open Dueling players each receive:
One Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Pack
One promo card (Megantic Sliver)

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